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Vehicle Graphics

Mobile advertising, arguably the best and most financially economical way of advertising. It gives long-term exposure with a one-off cost. Along with our signage and graphics production departments this is where the whole ethos behind Keillor Graphics come together.

Because we do have the experience in design and artwork, it means when it comes to vehicle graphics, we can offer an unrivaled service in design and original illustration and then production. Our full colour digital output or traditional graphics giving the most stunning mobile adverts on the road.

Cars, vans, trucks, arctic units, library vans, trailers or curtain-siders, we have done them all and remember when your vehicle is with us, it is worked on in our bespoke workshop, safe and sound! You will need to have a very large vehicle for it not to fit in our workshop.

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Cut Graphics

Not all graphics on vehicles need to be all singing, all dancing. Some can just be cut graphics but they can be produced in a very creative way using colours that give you a brand that can be used on other media.

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Full and Part-Wrap

By far the most effective way of advertising on your vehicle, you could spend the same amount of money on an advert in a newspaper and it would be in the recycling the following day, whereas spent on a vehicle it would be displayed for as long as you have the vehicle. It doesn’t need to be a full wrap, we do quite a number of part wraps as well, maybe just the back doors wrapped and cut graphics elsewhere or a half wrap, all just as effective.

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