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Ramsay Ladders Loft Ladder Marketing Material

Ramsay Ladders of Forfar are to Loft Ladders what Lionel Messi is to football, you can't beat them. The company are famous for their 'Original Loft Ladder", but have a total of five types of Loft Ladder in their product range. Ramsay's commissioned Keillor Graphics to redesign their existing Loft Ladder brochure and put it in a format that was user friendly and visually strong in it's presentation of the products. The end result is an A5 portrait booklet, with 6pp cover and 8pp text and a perforated Order Form to the rear of the book.The design links in with the current web page design and also matches an A5  flyer to highlight that a Loft Ladder has just been fitted in the area. In addition to the printed material a time lapse webvideo showing an actual Loft Ladder being fitted is being made ready to go on You Tube and Ramsay's website.