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Prime Student Living New look Posters hit the streets Prime Student Living in Dundee (formally known as Crosslane Student Living).

Crosslane have recently gone through a rebranding exercise and as part of that new graphic posters have been designed to promote Prime Student Living’s excellent student accommodation in the heart of Dundee. The posters promote the accommodation with the graphic “1st for Student Living” and show a female student on one poster and a male student in the other and list the everything that is included in the accommodation – with a call to action headline encouraging students to book their flat for 2012/2013 NOW! The posters also include a QR code for fast access by mobile phones to the Prime Student Living website and is supported with statistical information on the number of times the posters have been scanned. The posters are to be placed on sites managed by Street Advertising Services, Dundee (SAS) -